Zlatni Bokal

Particularly recognizable ambience, first-class cuisine, perfect service, good music, and the spirit of Skadarlija, all above mentioned you would experience all this in the Golden Jar (Zlatni Bokal) restaurant near the Skadrlija fountain, which opened in 1966.

In place of Golden Jar (Zlatni Bokal) in the 19th century, guests were greeted by a wine cellar. With wine and musicians, guests stayed until dawn, rejoiced and mourned, made tavern friendships, ordered “new tours” because of unrequited or lost love. The Great Nušić says that bottle after bottle of wine was brought from the lagoons pulled out by the tensioner, which was poured into countless glasses and tried to evaluate, cheer, mourn, summarize and conclude the markets with appetizers.

The Golden Jar (Zlatni Bokal) was opened in 1968 and continues to welcome guests from all parts of the globe in a beautiful intimate ambience near and in the songs of the sung cobblestones Skadar. It is a place where old and new intertwine and form one magical whole unique to this restaurant.