“Guardians of the Hearth” is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization established with the aim of acting in the area of preserving and strengthening Serbian family, cultivating traditional values and historical identity, Orthodox religion, rehabilitation of endangered areas, revitalization of villages, creating conditions for state inclusion and residency of youth in their country, intercultural dialogue, organization of activities aimed for preserving natural resources, encouraging the scientific, economic and cultural development and prosperity of Serbian society.

Father Andrej, an elder of the monastery of the “Holy Protomartyr Archdeacon Stefan” in Slanci, blessed the establishment of the ” Guardians of the Hearth” on Mitrovdan in year 2015. Holy Apostle Protomartyr Stefan was a protector of the Serbian state at the time of Nemanjić lineage, and the monastery in Slanci near Belgrade was land owned by Hilandar Monastery, and has a living spiritual bond with him.

The holiday of Holy Great Martyr Dimitrije (Saint Demetrius) is also Slava of “Guardians of the Hearth”. There is a famous saying among our people: “Day of Dimitrije, leave-taking of haiduks. Day of Đorđe, a meeting of haiduks”, because on Mitrovdan (an Orthodox holiday dedicated to Demetrius of Thessaloniki), the haiduks (brigands) were dispersed and went to spend winter time at concealers, in order to meet again on Đurđevdan (an Orthodox holiday dedicated to Saint George). Serbs believe that in that time winter begins and therefore, until the mountains are green, the Haiduks were spending their time at the hearth, where the tradition and our Serbian spirit were guarded with stories and guzla (a single-corded musical instrument traditional in certain Slavic regions). The connection between the two saints existed even before the Haiduk days, which can be seen in the monastery of Dečani where the holy warrior, as a great fighter for Christianity, is impictured in warlike equipment with a shield and helmet, next to Sveti Đorđe (Saint George). Apart from that, Marko’s monasteries, Monastery Velika Remeta and Monastery Divljane, with numerous Orthodox churches, are dedicated to Sveti Dimitrije (Saint Demetrius).

The Association is focused on preserving traditional values, norms, internal principles that our ancestors were led by, cultivating all of the most beautiful parts of our culture. By nurturing our spirit. We are convinced that without this internal preservation and development, there is no scientific, economic, cultural development and prosperity of Serbian society. Fostering the tradition and credible values of our people brings continuity as a general spiritual and intellectual good. Thus, it continues and upgrades the best of the past, the fundamental and essential is preserved and enriched, and this is the only way to achieve lasting prosperity in all areas of life.

Serbia and Serbian people are seen in harmony of the traditional and modern, spiritual peace of the individual and of the state level, the country and the people in prosperity and uplift, a place of return for the generations of our emigrants, where everyone can give the best of themselves.