The festival will be held on September 22, 2018, in the period from 11:00 to 21:00h, so there are several activities taking place simultaneously in the exhibition, competitive, educational and cultural program.

Exhibitors will have their own stand booths which will be thematically unified; for example, faithful presentation of Serbian medieval cuisine with related mobilier and dishes, then the cuisine of monks – agape, Serbian fasting through the centuries, etc. Presentation of pastries and bannocks for Slava with various types of bread opens up a bakery theme that is added by delicacies, honey producers … The specialties of certain regions are followed by drinks from those areas. The exhibition of potters and farmers complements the stand of Danube fishermen.

The competition part includes the restaurants of national cuisine, which are represented by top domestic chefs and the competitive section where the selection of “best specialty” of Serbia for this year is made, from the Vojvodina’s strudel to the Pirot’s famous “flattened” sausage, through the competition of the current champions and more respected competitors from different manifestations in Serbia.

The educational program will have its own space. Key part of the educational program is the advent of three-member teams composed of students from 5 catering high schools. Students will compete in preparing a cold appetizer using only basic kitchen accessories. Students will be able to take the material for the preparation of the appetizers by their own choice from the exhibitors, while one part will be prepared by the organizer. The time for preparation is two school hours, after which the judging team evaluates the exhibited creations. In addition to the practical example of dual education of young culinary students, interactive lectures on selection, processing, preservation, preparation and consumption of food and beverages will be organized, and a special part will be a discussion about the view on nutrition from the standpoint of official medicine (e.g. fasting or vegetarian diet).

The cultural program will take place on stage with sound and light systems, with the appearance of various eminent artists who will bring the audience closer to the tradition, history and spirit of our people.

NO FEE is required to enter the Festival.