Email: tourismsid@gmail.com

The turist organisation Sid has been established in 2008. when the first organized forms of tourism started taking place in the municipality of Sid. It was established as a public institution by the assembly of the municipality of Sid with the intention of Sid becoming visible on the turistic map of Serbia. Since 2008 and up until today the Turist organisation Sid, has done its mission, which is to in the best way, according to the possibilities, promote all of the natural and cultural-historical sights on its territory.

Within the Turist organisation Sid there is a Turis info centre, located in the very heart of the town of Sid and it presents an ideal starting point for a tour of the municipality of Sid. Here you can gett all of the information a turist needs, as well as printed promotional materials. There is also a souvenir shop included. The Turist info centre is open to all visitors during week days from 07:00 to 15:00, and is also open on the weekends to all the previously announced visits.

The Turist organisation Sid has its own guide service on Spomen obelezje named “Sremski front” (the famous memorial complex raised in honor of fallen fighters in the final battles during the Second World War) which is open to all visitors every day from 07:00 to 19:00. All visits can, though not necessary, be announced directly to the guide service of Spomen obelezje or over the Turist organisation of Sid.