Бакина тајна

Bakina Tajna offers hand made ajvar, made from the tastiest peppers of Kopaonik, Kurtovska kapija, as well as their many times rewarded juices and jams. Completely natural food of high quality, with no artificial additives, based on traditional recipes and carefully made.

The family recipes have been carefully preserved until today, and we continue to improve them. Over the years, we have developed multiple variants of ajvar which are based on traditional recipes. What remains is the core: completely ripe, undamaged peppers of the highest quality. We offer you ajvar in a slightly spicy variant, in combination with tomatoes, garlic and parsley, or even ajvar in green color with added eggplant and mustard. The fruit for our jams is prepared in a special way. Carefully cooking them on low temperatures in a vacuum, we managed to preserve the healthy ingredients of the fruit, the remaining preparation is done according to the traditional recipe.  Our jams contain more fruit than the usual. We also do not compromise when making our juices, when choosing the amount of fruit and treating the fruit we use. It is carefully grinded to preserve even the precious peel of the fruit.

Our products, crowned with the most importanted rewards from the world of gastronomy, can be found in 28 different countried on 5 continents in the most prestigious international stores.